Implementing Quantcast Measure with Tealium

Quantcast Measure

Quantcast tags are fully supported by Tealium. Follow the instructions below to add the Quantcast tag to your site.

1. Add the tag to your Profile from the Marketplace

  • Click on the ‘+Add Tag’ button in the Tags tab
  • Search for “Tealium Customer Container” and click the ‘+Add’ button


2. Fill out the Tag Configuration tab by entering a Title (e.g. “Quantcast Tag”) and click ‘Finish’


3. Click Save/Publish

4. At the top of the Tealium interface, click the drop down arrow next to your login name and select ‘Manage Templates’


5. Select your custom template from the drop down list


6. Paste the tag provided by Quantcast into the Template in the area shown below

  • Place the tag just after the /* Start Tag Library Code */ comment
  • Remove the <script> and </script> tags

tealium revised

7. Click the ‘Save Version Template’ button and Publish the tag

You’re done!

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