Implementing Quantcast Measure on Shopify

Here are instructions on how to implement Quantcast Measure on your Shopify website.

If you prefer step-by-step instructions, see below:

  1. Login to your Shopify site as an admin.
  2. From the admin menu, go to the ‘Online Store’ tab and select ‘Themes’.
  3. Click the button with ‘…’ to display more options. Then, select ‘Edit HTML/CSS.’
  4. Locate and choose the file named ‘theme.liquid’ under the ‘Layout’ category. You can also find it using the search bar.
  5. Within the ‘theme’ file, locate the closing body tag. It looks like this: </body>
  6. Paste your Quantcast Measure tag above the closing body tag, and use the ‘Save’ button to update the theme.
  7. Finally, verify your tag was installed correctly. Go to your store’s website, right-click, and select ‘View Page Source.’ Your Quantcast Measure tag should appear near the bottom of the page. You can also do Control/Command + f to search for ‘Quantcast tag.’