Implementing Quantcast Easy Tag for Advertise in Tealium

Quantcast Advertise

Follow the process below to ensure strong campaign performance and robust insights.


  • Do not alter the code. Any edits to the code may result in the tag not collecting data.
  • The tag does not interfere with your page load. Quantcast tag is asynchronous (it loads in the background). See here for more technical details.   

What you need to continue:

  • P-code

Add the Quantcast Tag 

1. Login, select Add Tag


2. Find Quantcast in the Tag Marketplace

3. Select Quantcast Easy Tag


4. Enter Title Quantcast Easy Tag

5. Enter the p-code


6. Select Data Mappings on the top right

  • Configure the additional data using the UDO variable you want to send. This data allows Quantcast to refine optimizations, validate campaign performance, and share detailed insights.

7. Select Finish


8. Select Save/Publish in the top right

You are done!  Please notify your Quantcast rep so that they can confirm your tags are collecting data.  

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