Implementing Quantcast Easy Tag for Advertise in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Quantcast Advertise - General

Follow the process below to ensure strong campaign performance and robust insights.


  • Do not alter the code. Any edits to the code may result in the tag not collecting data.
  • The tag does not interfere with your page load. Quantcast tag is asynchronous, meaning, it loads in the background. See here for more technical details.

What you need to continue:

  • Quantcast Easy Tag

Add the Quantcast Tag

1.  Log into GTM, click Add A New Tag


2.  Select Tag Configuration to open the GTM Tag Library


3. Find Custom HTML in the Library


4. Place the Quantcast Easy Tag Tag into the HTML section

5. Save

4 and 5

6.  Click Triggering


7. Select your All Pages Trigger


8. Your tag should look like the below. Click Save.


9. Name the tag you have created. We recommend using “Quantcast All Pages Tag”.

10.  Click Save.

9 and 10

11. Publish your changes

You are done!  Please notify your Quantcast rep so that they can confirm your tags are collecting data.  

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