Implementing Quantcast Easy Tag for Advertise in Ensighten

Follow the process below to ensure strong campaign performance and robust insights.


  • Do not alter the code. Any edits to the code may result in the tag not collecting data.
  • The tag does not interfere with your page load. Quantcast tag is asynchronous, meaning, it loads in the background. See here for more technical details.

Add Quantcast Tag

1. Log in, select Tags

2. Select Add Tag

1 and 2

3. Find Quantcast Advertise in the library and select Configure

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4. Enter Tag Name: Quantcast Easy Tag

5. Enter P-code and configure the additional data you want to pass.

  • Many Ensighten customers have configured a Data Layer on their purchase confirmation page to capture key purchase metrics such as an Order Number or total Revenue amount of the purchase. Next to the Order ID and Revenue fields select the Data Layer option for both and the corresponding Element name used by your site. If you have questions about your ability to pass dynamic variables on your purchase confirmation page, work with your Ensighten account manager and Quantcast contact to confirm the details.

6. Select Continue

4 and 5 and 6


7. Configure where the tag should fire: select your Production environment in the Choose Space field

8.  Choose All Pages

9. Select Continue

10. Select Save and Commit

7 thru 10

Verify tag implementation using the Quantcast Tag Inspector.
The Quantcast Tag Inspector is a Google Chrome plugin that helps you check whether your Quantcast Tag and Audience Segments are implemented correctly. Install the Inspector to review individual pages of your site, and make sure the Audience Segments are firing correctly. Learn more about the Quantcast Inspector.

You are done! Please notify your Quantcast rep so that they can confirm your tags are collecting data.