Implementing Quantcast Easy Tag for Advertise in DCM

Follow the process below to ensure strong campaign performance and robust insights.


  • Do not alter the code. Any edits to the code may result in the tag not firing.
  • The tag does not interfere with your page load. Quantcast tag is asynchronous (it loads in the background). See here for more technical details.   

What you need to continue:

  • Quantcast Easy Tag
  • Floodlight Custom Variable Macros that you want to populate in the conversion event (e.g., revenue, order id, etc.)

Add the Quantcast Tag 

1. Log into Doubleclick Campaign Manager, select Advertisers tab.

2. Select the Advertiser

DCM Advertise and acccount

3. Select the Floodlight Activities tab

4. Click into the Conversion Floodlight

floodlight activity and conv page

5. Scroll down to the Dynamic Tag section.

6. Select New Tag in the Default tags section.

Dynamic Tag and new tag

7. Fill in the tag Name “Quantcast Conversion Tag” and paste the full provided Quantcast Conversion Tag into the Tag Code field. This includes conversion tag labels (e.g., _fp.event.Purchase Confirmation)

  • Note: Be sure to enter the entire Quantcast Tag code snippet, not just the URL. Include any surrounding HTML, such as <script>…</script> and <img src=’…’>

8. Update the added variable place holders with the customer variable macro to pull in the corresponding information.

  • The macro will be “%PU(sequential number of the corresponding variable)”. This data allows Quantcast to build models and refine insights on any criteria added to the tag. Example: revenue.%PU3 will return revenue.23.45 to indicate a transaction of $23.45

add tag


9. Repeat this step for ALL floodlights

  • Placing the tag across all floodlights provides the best performance and insights

Verify tag implementation using the Quantcast Tag Inspector.
The Quantcast Tag Inspector is a Google Chrome plugin that helps you check whether your Quantcast Tag and Audience Segments are implemented correctly. Install the Inspector to review individual pages of your site, and make sure the Audience Segments are firing correctly. Learn more about the Quantcast Inspector.

You are done! Please notify your Quantcast rep so that they can confirm your tags are collecting data.

Additional instructions: