How to Use this Data

Audience interest reports help you understand the interests and lifestyles of a property’s users, either by categorizing the interests users exhibit in their web browsing behavior, or by showing other properties they frequently visit.

Use this report to help you:

  1. Tailor user acquisition efforts. is a tech site and is interested in growing their user base. Using the Top Sites report, they are able to identify other sites with similar audiences to focus their acquisition efforts.
  2. Edit your content to appeal to valuable users. uses the Top Interests report to find out that their audience is also 12x times more interested in Celebrity News than the average internet user. Now they can focus their TV reviews to include a celebrity news angle.
  3. Provide data beyond demographics to support advertising sales efforts. is a news site that has used the segments feature to divide their site out into sections. They can then show advertisers that users of their “tech” section are big techies, even if the rest of the site is more of “general audience.”