How to Market Your Audience and Monetize Your Site

It’s hard differentiating yourself amongst the crowded web. How do you prove the value of your audience and tell a compelling pitch to advertisers?

At Quantcast, we want to give you data to help maximize your marketing and sales efforts. Whether you’re just starting out or already got a full-fledged marketing and sales team behind you, we’ve got several ways to help you monetize your site.

Here’s what we’ll be going over:

  1. Audience Grid Data: Do you have the audience advertisers are looking for? Utilize interests and behavioral metrics within your Audience Grid reports for stronger advertising pitches.
  2. Audience Builder1 Reports: Need more granularity in your RFP responses? Run instant reports on custom personas of your choice with Audience Builder.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Inform affiliate products by referring to both your and your affiliate’s Quantcast Measure profile and prove that there’s a great partnership waiting to happen!

1. Create Personas with Audience Grid

Advertisers are looking to work with sites that have their target audience. So, why not show off your audience data and prove that you have the user base they’re looking for?

Audience Grid data includes Shopping Interests, Media Interests, and Business & Occupation data. These interests are gathered and reported through partnerships with leading third-party providers. They’re continuously updated and are based on live consumer behavior.

Let’s say a wine wholesaler comes to you with an RFP (request for proposal) asking about information on your users.

Great, let’s see how interested in wine your audience is.

You can navigate to the full view of your Shopping Interests report and select “Packaged Goods” > “Food, Household & Pets”, > “Beverages”.

Find an extended list of your metrics in the full view of your report.

We see here that users with an interest in wine have a composition of 46.87% and an affinity of 1.52x. Recall an affinity of 1.52x means that a visitor to the site is 52% more likely to be interested in wine than the average Internet user.

Perfect, you can use this data in your pitch!

Your audience data is perfect for inclusion in your press kit, response to agency requests for proposal (RFPs), or your pitch to brands. Show advertisers you’ve got the audience they’re looking for and win their business.

2. Audience Builder1 Reports:

Let’s say the wholesaler comes back and wants to know your audience data for Wine Moms specifically (not just users that are interested in wine).

No problem!

We can build upon our Audience Grid data by combining demographics and interests data. Audience Builder enables you to build audiences based off of what your audience buys, where they shop, what they drive, what shows they watch, and more.

Let’s start building out this custom persona by selecting the demographics and interests data we want to see. We’ll define Wine Moms as users that are female, 25-54 years old, have kids, have a household income of $100k+, and are interested in wine.

Build a custom persona of your choice with Audience Builder.

Once the audience description is filled out, we’ll hit “Run Report”. An instant audience report is generated.

This report shows the composition and index of Wine Moms. If you have multiple websites or labels (Content Segments2) set up under your network, these will appear here as well.

You can compare which domain or subdomain within the network attracts the most Wine Moms.

View where to find this personas across your sites.

You can compare which section, down to the page-level, of your domains attracts the most Wine Moms.

View where to find this personas across your labels.

These reports are saved so your team can refer back to them at any time.

View previous personas your team created.

Advertisers are increasingly requesting more audience data from publishers. Proving the value of your audience can be tough. Audience Builder lets you create granular reports on the exact personas that come across in RFPs. Instantly locate and report on specific audiences across your properties, and let your team tell the most compelling story to advertisers.

If you’re interested in learning more tips to winning RFPs, we’ve put together a handbook guide to winning ad sales RFPs and two blog posts on What is an RFP? and Collecting the Right Audience Data for an RFP. Read on!

3. Affiliate Marketing

Besides including data in your press kit and RFP responses, you can also use this data to inform affiliate products to promote and show potential affiliates why your site is a perfect fit for them.

Affiliate marketing is yet another way you can earn revenue directly on your site. This is when you promote a product or service in exchange for some form of incentive, usually a sales commission, when some desired action occurs.

Let’s go through the steps:

  • Research affiliates’ audiences ― What products or services could you help market? Who are these affiliates looking to do business with? What users do these affiliates typically attract? Do your research on your affiliates’ audiences.If the affiliate has a website, you can search their URL in the Research Sites search bar and find their Quantcast Measure public profile. Learn from Quantified sites with public Demographic and Audience Grid reports.

    Explore publicly available Quantcast Measure profiles.

  • Match up your audience to an affiliate product ― Which affiliate is your site most marketable to? This is likely when your audience mirrors their audience closely, meaning your users are likely to be interested in your affiliate’s product or services as well.Check out how your audience stats measure against your affiliates’. Do they closely align? Are there many overlaps? This is a strong indicator that a partnership could be a great move!
  • Earn money through affiliate marketing ― Use your audience data to show potential affiliates why they should represent themselves on your site. Pitch your audience to your affiliate by leveraging your Quantcast Measure profile (and theirs) to show proof of your reach.

Interests and behavioral metrics within your Quantcast Measure profile give you the needed data for compelling pitches and RFP responses. Peel back the curtain on your audience with reports from Audience Grid and Audience Builder. Utilize these metrics to show off the audience you’ve built and win more revenue with advertisers and affiliates!


Audience Builder1, Content Segments2: Audience Builder and Content Segments are features of Measure Enterprise. Learn more about Measure Enterprise and request a demo here.