Guide to Understanding General Interests

The General Interests report helps you understand the interests and lifestyles of a property’s users, either by categorizing the interests users exhibit in their web browsing behavior, or by showing other properties they frequently visit.

This report can help you understand your audience across every level – whether it’s an entire network, site, mobile app, or specific audience segments within any of your properties.

Use this report to:

  1. Tailor user acquisition efforts
  2. Edit your content to appeal to valuable users
  3. Provide data beyond demographics alone, to direct or backup your advertising sales efforts

Using the Interests Report

The Interests report shows the interests that most closely align with the account, property or event profiled in this report. It is sorted to identify the interests your users exhibit in large proportions relative to the rest of the Internet. For a full list of interest categories and definitions, click here.

Example: Make Your Content Appeal to Valuable Audiences
Publisher is primarily an Arts & Entertainment property, but they suspect that their TV section is primarily made up of females despite their larger audience being an even gender split. They can leverage Audience Segments to confirm that their TV content is primarily female, and then use the Interests report to see that this TV audience is also interested in Celebrity News to tailor their content appropriately for this audience.

Example: Highlight Your Audiences for Advertisers could also use the Interest report and Audience Segments to show that their Video Game section has a high concentration of Technology enthusiasts, despite their overall audience being more Arts & Entertainment focused.

Using the Sites Report

The Sites report shows sites that share a common audience with the account, property or event denoted in this report. It can be sorted to find the sites most similar or sorted to find the sites whose users make up the largest portion of your user base.

Example: Highlight Your Audiences for Advertisers

Publishers can use the Sites report to compare themselves with leading properties in their categories. If an advertiser wants to reach a fantasy sports audience, can use the report to show that their audience is highly likely to also be visiting popular fantasy sports sites.

How to Read Affinity Indexes

Both the Interests and Sites reports present results as Affinity indexes, which compare your audience to the average Internet user.

For example, the Interest Affinity index measures how much more likely someone who visits your property (website, app, subsection, etc.) is to be interested in a given topic than the average Internet user. An index of 11x for Computers &Technology means that users interested in Computers & Technology are 11x more likely to have visited your site than they are to be found in the general Internet population.

How it’s Calculated

*The actual equation is slightly more complicated, with adjustments made to factor in confidence intervals and ensure higher reliability.

Information for the General Interests report is derived from a Quantcast cookie or mobile app that has integrated Quantcast’s SDK. Because some browsers do not support 3rd-party cookies, these reports may represent a subset of your users’ activity and not the overall composition of your site traffic.

In addition, some data in reports may be removed when thresholds are applied to prevent inferring the identity of an individual user (see our privacy policy). Finally, when looking at large data sets, we will sometimes use statistical sampling.

Accessing the Data

The General Interests data can be found as a report on profile pages, can be exported as a CSV file or can be accessed via the Quantcast API.

Profile Pages

The General Interests report can be found on any profile page. The summary includes the top 5 results for both Interests and Sites. Click through to see a detailed list of the top 2,000 indexing results for each report, and toggle between Interests and Sites to get a detailed snapshot of your audience’s interests and browsing behavior.

Export to CSV

From the right side of the top nav bar on a profile, you can also export the results into a CSV format in order to manipulate the data for more detailed analysis. Use this option if you’re looking to filter, sort or store your data.

Access via the Measure API

All of the General Interests data is available via Quantcast’s Measure API. Use the API for the most flexibility with your General Interests data. Use it to track trends over time, power real-time dashboards and more.