Getting Started with Tagging – Marketers

Quantcast helps marketers understand their customers through detailed user demographics and interest affinities and audience insights at the campaign, site and conversion level. This document describes the general process of tagging content as a marketer so that you can measure your site events with Quantcast Measure. Note that your specific implementation may require additional steps, so be sure to speak with Quantcast Client Services to set up the correct tagging.

While many services inform campaign level optimizations, Quantcast tags help build custom, specific audience models. This approach can surpass the performance of tags which only optimize campaigns.

Create an Account

If you have not already done so, visit and create a new account.

Identify Events

Identify events that you would like to measure with Quantcast. These can include a variety of types of pages, such as conversion, landing and product pages and other events at different stages of the funnel. By tagging each, you can determine what audiences are engaging different parts of your properties, which allows you to better understand your audience.

Get a Tag

Please contact your designated Quantcast Client Services representative to get tags for your marketer properties instead of generating one on

Tag Your Properties or Piggyback

Piggybacking allows you to use Quantcast Measure via another tag that you’ve already deployed so that you do not need to introduce any new tags. Tag your events with your new Quantcast tag or piggyback off another ad server tag, such as Atlas, Doubleclick, Mediaplex, Eyeblaster, etc. Quantcast supports both methods.

Notify Quantcast

Once you have deployed the new tag or set up piggybacking, please let Quantcast Client Services know. Once we hear from you, within 2-3 business days, we will confirm that Quantcast is measuring your events. If you can provide the URLs for the pages where tags have been deployed, Client Services can confirm that the tag is firing properly right away.

View Your Data on

Within five business days, you can view audience attributes for your properties, including demographic, geographic, traffic and audience affinities information. To view your reports, once you have signed into Quantcast, click Measure. Note that your data is kept private and is only be available via log-in.