Getting Started with Quantcast Measure

After you’ve signed up for Quantcast Measure and implemented the tag on your site or mobile app, it’s a good time to get a closer look at the different aspects and features of the product.

This guide will outline:

  • Your dashboard and its various functions
  • Your profile page and the information contained within

The Dashboard

It’s important to have a central place from which you can manage your Quantcast Measure account and the websites/apps you’re measuring.

To do that, you’ll want to log in to your dashboard:

login page

After you log in, you’ll be sent straight to your dashboard. This is where you can administer your account and manage all of your sites/apps that are using the Quantcast Measure tag.

Any site or app that has the tag installed is considered “quantified.”


Here are the top things you can do on your custom dashboard:

  • Add a new web or app property if you are the property owner or work for the company that owns the property. Click Add a Website or Add a Mobile App in the upper right.
  • Keep tabs on other quantified web properties or apps by adding them to Your Favorites. These could be competitors or simply properties that interest you.
  • Search for other sites or apps by using the Explore box in the top navigation bar.

The Profile Page

Your profile page (or pages, if you’ve quantified multiple properties) is where you go to view all of your audience data.

Within each section (which we call a “report”), you’ll see Help in the lower right, which offers you key definitions of words/concepts, as well as information on how the data is calculated and what it reveals.

Following are examples of the profile page reports that showcase your audience data:


Understand the traffic patterns on your site or app. As with most of the audience data reports available on your profile page, you can filter your traffic data by:

  • Date range, day, and week
  • Region (U.S., Country, Rest of World)
  • Type of traffic—uniques, visits, or views
  • Chart view with a stacked or line graph (scroll your mouse across the graph, and you can click on specific days to see a traffic breakdown)

traffic chart


When you view ‘Demographics,’ you’ll see a snapshot of your audience, broken down by:

  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Children in household


The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.


Use this report to understand where your traffic is coming from and how it’s distributed across:

  • Web
  • Mobile web
  • Mobile app

cross platform


Beyond your web traffic and audience demographics, you can also get a look at how engaged your audience is. The Engagement report groups your audience into three categories based on how often they visit your site or app:

  • Passers-by
  • Regulars
  • Fanatics

engagement data

Shopping Interests

The Shopping Interests report tells you about your audience’s offline purchasing habits across an extensive range of product types, including:

  • Automotive
  • Packaged Goods
  • Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lifestyle
  • Financial
  • Home Ownership
  • Restaurants
  • Travel

shopping interests

The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.

Media Interests

This report lets you see your audience’s preferences in:

  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Music

media interests

The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.

Business & Occupation

Get a better idea of what industry your audience works in by viewing the Business & Occupation report.

business and occupation

The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.

General Interests

The General Interests report shows you your audience’s affinity for such topic areas as:

  • Leisure & Hobbies
  • Education and Employment
  • Science
  • Food & Drink
  • Computers & Technology
  • Other websites

general interests

The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.


To get a better idea of where in the world your audience is from, use the Geographic report. It will give you a detailed look at your audience’s location across countries and cities.


The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.

Political Interests

This report lets you understand the political affiliation of your US audience. “Independent” includes anyone who identifies as Independent or is unaffiliated with any party.


The ‘View Details’ button will show you even more information.

Log in to view your dashboard and profile today.