Getting Started with Audience Grid

If you’ve ever wondered about:

  • Your audience’s affinity for different brands
  • What type of lifestyle categories your audience looks like
  • What type of shows your audience is likely to watch
  • How to consume these reports
  • Where to find more granular details about your audience

Read on below!

But first, what is Audience Grid exactly? Quantcast has gathered shopping, ownership, lifestyle, and interest data from leaders in 3rd party data and combined it with live consumer behavior. Use Audience Grid to gain a clear idea of your audience’s consumer behaviors and more.

Learn about your audience with shopping data, interests data, and lifestyle data.

Whether your objective is to win ad deals, surface great content to your site’s visitors, or understand the audience that you want to target for your next ad campaign, Audience Grid has you covered.

Create targeted ads with Audience Grid data.

For publishers that depend on ad revenue, communicating the value of your audience is a critical component of winning RFP’s by brands and agencies.

Let’s say your company Luxury Media Network is approached by a high-end brand looking for a potential direct ad deal. You need to provide insight that your visitors fit their target market.

Where could they go to find out about your audience’s brand affinities?

Let’s head over to the Shopping Interests card to find out!

Here you’ll see just how easy it is to find even more granular details about your audience by clicking on “View Details”.

Click View Details within your report for a full view of the metrics.

The agency representing the brand comes back and says that this is great, but they could use more insight. Specifically the brand wants to also reach sites whose visitors index high for people who buy Apple iPhones as well as people who watch the popular television show Suits on the USA Network.

Uncover what brands and tv shows your users are interested in with Audience Grid data.

Let’s see exactly how we can find these two data points to help create a more compelling case.

Within the Shopping Interests card click on “More” and navigate to “Consumer Lifestyles”. Here you’ll find a list of buyer behaviors as well as additional interests your audience.

Click on More to navigate to additional buyer behavior and interests.

Next, head on over to the “Media Interests” card. Here we see a list of genres categories and shows. Click on “View Details” and then the “Genres and Categories” menu above. Navigate to “Shows” to see an extended list of televisions shows your audience has an affinity for.

Click View Details and use the dropdown for an extended list.

Check it out, Suits is indexing really high. This is great news for Luxury Media Network!

Armed with all of this data, Luxury Media Network is in a pretty good spot to respond back to the agency and potentially win that RFP.

Now that you’ve seen what cool things you can do with Audience Grid, what interesting insights will you find out about your audience?