Getting Started Using Quantcast Advertise as a Marketer

Quantcast Advertise is our complete performance targeting solution combining one of the world’s largest data sets with advanced predictive modeling and real-time media buying to deliver results at scale for advertisers.

This document describes the general process of creating and using Quantcast Advertise as a marketer or agency. Note that your specific Quantcast model may require additional steps, so be sure to speak with Quantcast Client Services.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your objectives (who you want to reach, your campaigns goals, the actions you are trying to drive, etc.). Identify the conversion event we will use to build your Quantcast predictive model.

Quantcast Creates Your Tags

Quantcast creates your tags, allowing you to implement them on your web properties. Quantcast then confirms your tag is implemented and tests that data is collected properly.

Quantcast Creates Your Custom Model

Once Quantcast receives 1,000 or more conversion events, we can begin to create your Quantcast predictive model.

Reach Your Audience

For performance campaigns, we use our real-time technology to evaluate billions of impressions a day in RTB exchanges, and secure the right set to deliver the best performance.

Protecting Your Data

We understand the value of an advertisers’ proprietary information and we’ve designed our business practices to protect that information from unauthorized or improper use:

  1. We never sell your data to any third party.
  2. We never allow anyone to re-target your audience or customer.
  3. We never share, or allow anyone to see your audience data without your permission.
  4. We never sell registration data or collect personally identifiable information.