Benefits of Tagging

Quantcast Easy Tag Overview

Quantcast Easy Tag is an easy to implement Javascript tag (or pixel), that is placed in a common file that fires on all site pages (i.e., the footer). The tag should go before the </body> and any other measurement tags.

This section provides an explanation of the benefits of tagging as well as technical details for Easy Tag. For step-by-step instructions on implementing the tag, check out our implementation guidesBest practices by vertical can be found here.

Tagging Benefits

  • Better Ad Targeting and Performance through a deeper understanding of your ideal customer. A fully tagged site improves campaign performance by 16%*
  • Deep Audience Insights for every page of your website helps you understand your customer’s journey and the effectiveness of your media mix.
  • New Attribution Insights allow you to understand the effectiveness of prospecting and retargeting which is essential for new customer acquisition.

*16% represents the average campaign performance lift based on an internal Quantcast study of over 4,000 campaigns.

Technical Details

The Quantcast Easy Tag is an asynchronous tag. That means, it loads in the background of your site and, unlike many tags, doesn’t slow down the pages load time. 

  • The average Quantcast tag load time (in the background) is between 40-150ms.
  • The tag script size is typically between 4-12kb and is minified and gzipped to ensure optimal performance

Quantcast uses a globally distributed server infrastructure. Traffic is routed to the most appropriate server through the use of DNS and BGP techniques to achieve the lowest latency possible.

  • We use a sophisticated alert and monitoring system to check that the systems are working correctly and use third-party systems (Akamai, Keynote and Gomez) to monitor the servers.
  • We have a dedicated operations team who are able to swiftly react t o issues or escalate as appropriate.

ICON_SKY_BRAND_SAFETY_MediumTrusted & Privacy-Safe: We do not sell or share your Audience with any other Advertiser.

  • We collect anonymous traffic data from over 100 million web and mobile destinations. Some examples of the data parameters collected include referral URL, screen resolution, browser version, OS type and page URL.
  • We do not use or collect PII for our measurement or targeting products. See our full privacy policy here.
  • We utilize standard SSL encryption for all data transfer between pixel servers and the central compute cluster to ensure complete data privacy.

ICON_SKY_SECURITY_SmallSecurity: Protecting our network from unauthorized access is of utmost importance.

  • Our Internet-facing systems are regularly updated and hardened against attack.
  • We regularly employ outside penetration test companies to test the security of the infrastructure, and use several security measures to restrict network and server access. We also obligate vendors and partners to commit to similar standards as applicable.

Icon_SKY_CHOICE_SmallCommitted to Consumer Transparency & Choice: Quantcast is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and participates in the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program.

  • Each of these programs provides an opt-out feature where consumers can choose not to receive targeted advertising from any NAI or DAA affiliate. These links will take you to the NAI opt out and the DAA opt out.
  • Quantcast also participates in the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) self-regulatory program. Users located in the European Union may prefer to use the EDAA opt out.

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