Get Quantified: Web Measurement

Quantcast Measure - Getting Quantified

Get Quantified: Web Measurement
Implementation Guide

The easy-to-implement Quantcast asynchronous measurement tag provides superior benefits to publishers looking to fully understand their digital audiences. When you “get Quantified,” you’ll receive free audience information showcasing your website’s traffic, demographic, geographic, affinities and business stats.

To get Quantified:

  1. If you have not already done so, create a Quantcast account.
  2. Sign in. Under Quantify Your Site (right side of page), click Generate Tag.
  3. Under Your Site, enter the URL (web site address) you’re looking to Quantify.
  4. Under Your Tag, select and copy the code shown. This is the tag you need to place on your pages (example below).
  5. In the HTML of all website pages, place the following code just before the </body> tag and any other measurement tags.
  6. Optional – Under AdChoices Privacy Icon, if you want to display the AdChoices icon on your site, check the option. This free offering enables you to participate in ad industry self-regulation by providing consumers with choices and control. Learn more.
  7. Optional – Under Advanced Settings, check Use multiple p-codes in your tag if you want to create a tag which is tied to multiple accounts. Learn more.
  8. Click Submit Site.

After you have implemented your tag, Quantcast will send you an email verifying that everything is working properly. You’ll receive another notification when reports are ready to view.

If you’re looking to split the asynchronous tag or use multiple IDs in a tag, consult the advanced measurement guide.


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