Easy Tag Data Passback Implementation Overview


Data passback is the process used to “pass back” to Quantcast data specified within your tag. This process may be used to track many different types of data about your users (e.g., customer type, product category of purchases, order ID, country, etc).


Data passback data allows us to refine optimizations, validate campaign performance, and share detailed insights. For example, revenue allows us to optimize to higher revenue purchases, order IDs can be shared with you to validate our conversions, and product categorization provides demographics/interest differences between various products. Please remember not to pass back any personally identifiable information.

Implementing Data Passback

The setup process depends on how you implement tags. Tips by implementation type:

1. Tag is implemented directly on your site:

  • You will need help from your Web Developer.  You developer will locate (they likely already know) where the information is within your Javascript or server-side code (e.g., revenue) and code the tag to fire the value into the Quantcast Tag.
  • Note: the code your developer writes is unique to your page code. We cannot provide a generic code to pass us the information.

2. Tag is implemented in an AdServer

  • Many customers are capturing additional variable within their tags. If this is the case, your AdServer has a macro that may be used to pull in the corresponding information. Check our users guides. If macro information isn’t there, help can be found in your AdServer’s Help Center or from your AdServer rep.

3. Tag is implemented in a Tag Manager/Platform

  • You can configure data passback within your Tag Manager/Platform  UI. Check our user guides. If instructions information isn’t there, help can be found in your Tag Manager’s Help Center or from your Tag Manager rep.   

Example Tag Template with data passback placeholders:

  • This code is a template. To customize it to your account, you will need to insert your p-code in the tag, or ask your customer team for assistance.
  • The template should only include the data passback fields relevant for the site. E.g., if you will not be passing customer type, delete “INSERT+CUSTOMER+TYPE”.  
  • When using a Tag Manager/Platform with a Quantcast integration, you will not need the template.  Futher detail may be found in our implementation guides.
  • Glossary of variables (Note: OrderID and Revenue must be passed as a string, a number inside quotes, e.g., “100.00”):
    • Order ID – Unique order number used to validate your campaign conversions.  
    • Revenue –  Total amount purchased.  Revenue may be used to optimize to higher value converters to drive ROAS.
    • Product Category (pcat) –  the category of the product.  (E.g., Retailer might capture: pants, shirts, or shoes to view insights for those specific categories)
    • Customer – the type of customer (e.g., New vs Returning)
    • Additional Information (1 & 2) –  may capture any type of data that provide more details to drive campaign performance and insights.  E.g., Hotels might capture: nights booked, membership type, promo code, etc.  

data passback view

For any questions, please contact your Quantcast Customer Team.

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