Data Passback Guide

Quantcast Measure program participants can provide Quantcast with their own anonymized customer data in order to build custom audience insights that can be used in the media buying process. This extended data allows marketers to build models and refine segments based on any number of criteria: such as what they purchase, total cart size, or even profit margin. Your data is only accessible by you and can be used to purchase additional audiences across the web.

How It Works

Marketers pass a unique customer identifier via the Quantcast tag. This unique identifier is later mapped back to a data passback file, which includes incremental data on the customer not available at the time the tag was called. This can include any variable that the marketer tracks in their CRM database and which they want to use for audience definition/segmentation. Outside of an offline data passback, advertisers can pass anonymized values directly into the Quantcast pixel, which can then be used for segmentation. For example, if you are an online retailer, you could pass Quantcast the order size (ex. $500+), whether a coupon was used (ex. No), and types of products purchased (ex. Watches). Utilizing this data, an advertiser could build a model targeting people who look like they would spend more than $500 on a watch without using a coupon.

Data Passback Advantages

Quantcast’s data passback solution provides marketers with a simple way to connect anonymous customer insights into the media planning and buying process. For example:

  • It allows advertisers specific insights to be combined with Quantcast’s aggregate view of internet media consumption.
  • All data provided through the program is controlled by the advertiser, accessible only to them or their authorized delegates, and used by Quantcast solely on their behalf.
  • Data can be evaluated across a single platform.
  • Insights can be applied consistently, with any media partner you are working with.
  • Quantcast’s approach enables marketers to understand and segment the entire customer base they engage with through digital media, not just small portions of their users they can match against third party solutions.


Quantcast understands and supports the importance of consumer privacy and adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.