Content Segments – Suggested Tag Structures

Below are commonly used labels you can use to segment audiences based on different label structures. You can simply cut and paste the text in the Tag column directly into your Quantcast Measure tag, as highlighted in the example. You can also use this same dot notation to add hierarchical labels to your mobile app and segment your mobile app audiences, as well.

While the segments below are common, you can be as specific or as broad with your segment structures as you like. However, as a best practice we recommend that you avoid using a more than 3 or 4 sub-segments and consider using additional top-level segments instead.

Remember that you can insert multiple labels into your Measure tag simply by separating your labels with a comma. You can also include spaces when making labels; the only characters that can’t be used within label names are periods (“.”) and commas (“,”) except when used to distinguish hierarchies.

Suggested Segment Labels

Segment Structure Elements to Tag Example
Content Publisher or Property Publisher.Gawker
Example: Gawker Format Format.Video.90seconds
Full list of suggested content labels Content Genre Content.News.Global
Content Topic Topic.Apple.iPhone6
Author Author.JonSmith
Publish Date Date.2014.Q4.October
Ad Campaigns Campaign Campaign.BrandAwareness.Holidays2014
Example: PulsePoint Flight / Dates Dates.2014.Nov-Dec
Creative Creative.Banner.728×90
Publisher Publisher.GawkerNetwork.Deadspin
Market or Location Market.Northeast.Boston-MA
Platform Platform.MobileApp.iOS
Product Features Product Category Category.MobileApp.Android
Example: BigOven Product Version Version.MobileApp.Beta
Product Platform or Device Platform.iOS.iPad
Product State for A/B testing ProductState.VersionA
User States Logged In or Logged Out UserState.LoggedIn
Client Type Client.Subscriber.AnnualMembership
Cohort Cohort.SocialReferral.Twitter
User Agent UserAgent.Chrome
User Actions Sign Up Actions.Signup.MonthlyNewsletter
Example: Goodreads Purchase Actions.Purchase.PremiumAccount
Comment / Rate Actions.Rating.4Stars
Video Play Actions.VideoPlay.VideoCompleted
Scroll Depth Actions.ScrollDepth.PageBottom