Content Segment Reporting for Mobile Platforms FAQs

What mobile platforms can I see broken out in my content segments?
For each of your content segments, you can view traffic broken out by web, mobile web and mobile app. Also within your content segments, you can now view demographics broken out by web (including mobile web) and mobile app.

I don’t see my content segments broken out by mobile apps.  What’s happening?
You may not have implemented content segments in your mobile app.  Content segments are created using labels, and are distinct from app events. Learn more in the Event Labels section of our implementation guides for iOS and Android.

Where can I learn more about content segments in Quantcast Measure?
Content segments are a powerful tool to understand specific audiences across your sites, platforms, and more.  Not only can you gather a holistic view of a particular audience, such as sports fans, but you also can sub-segment to compare the demographics of your football fans and hockey fans.  Learn more about how to use content segments and see more examples here.

I download my content segment traffic data via your XLS file. What platform breakouts are available?
The first tab in the XLS shows all your traffic for a segment across all platforms. There are 3 additional tabs for desktop web, mobile web and if applicable, mobile apps.

I don’t see demographics for a segment on my mobile app.  What am I doing wrong?
If you see mobile app traffic in the traffic graph but not demographics for your mobile app, your app might not have enough traffic for Quantcast to create a demographic profile. The current minimum to generate a demographic profile in the US is 30k monthly average users, though we’re working hard to reduce that minimum.

How do I interpret the stack graph for traffic in my content segment?
The new stack graph displays a breakout of your web, mobile web and mobile app traffic so you now can see a more detailed view of your traffic from all your platforms.

Is this data available in the Measure API?
The platform breakouts are not yet available in the API, but they will be added before the end of the year.  You can learn more about the API and apply for access at