Interest Category Definitions

Category / Subcategory Definition
Arts & Entertainment Content about movies, music, television, literature, and culture
Celebrities & Entertainment News News about famous people and the entertainment industry, including celebrity gossip
Comics & Animation Content focused on comic strips and animations, including videos
Humor Content focused on humor, including videos, stories and images
Movies Information about movies
Music & Audio Information about music and audio, including reviews and sales charts
TV Information about television and television shows, including network, cable, on demand and online
Automotive & Vehicle Content related to non-commercial transportation vehicles
Boats & Watercraft Content about boats, jet skis, and other water vehicles. Does not include retail sites
Classic Vehicles Content about vintage vehicles, such classic cars or motorcycles. Does not include retail sites
Motorcycles Content about motorcycles. Does not include retail sites
Beauty & Fitness Content about personal appearances, including fashion, cosmetics and fitness
Face & Body Care Content about face and body care, including tips and product reviews. Does not include shopping
Fashion & Style Content about clothing, accessories and makeup styles, including reviews and recommendations. Does not include shopping
Fitness Content about fitness and nutrition, including tips, reviews, and online training services
Business & Industrial Content and services for business and industry, including manufacturing, retail, professional or trade associations, and small businesses
Advertising & Marketing Content and services for advertising and marketing professionals
Finance Content and services for finance and accounting professionals
Business News News about business and finance, including commentary
Business Services Services and products for businesses, as opposed to individuals
Computers & Technology Content and services related to computers and information technology
Computer Hardware Content about computer hardware, including reviews
Consumer Electronics Content about consumer electronics, including reviews
Programming Content and services for the act of writing software
News News about the technology and digital business sector
Education and Employment Content about education, training and finding employment
Colleges & Universities Content and services related to college educations, or to specific schools
Employment Content and services related to finding employment
Primary & Secondary Schooling (K-12) Content about learning at the primary or secondary level, or information about specific programs or programs
Food & Drink Content about eating or drinking, including cooking recipes and restaurant information
Cooking & Recipes Content and recipes for cooking and drinks
Restaurants Content services for restaurants, including reviews and reservations. Also includes bars, nightclubs, etc
Home & Garden Content about interior design, modifications and filling one’s home/property
Gardening & Landscaping Content about home gardening
Home Furnishings Content about general home furniture and decorations
Home Improvement Content about improving a home through modification of the structure: plumbing, construction, painting, electrical
Real Estate Listings Content and information about real estate, including listings
Law & Government Content about US government and law, including official government properties and content for legal professionals
Government Government information, policy, and official websites. Does not include punditry or commentary
Legal Content and advice for legal professionals
Leisure & Hobbies Content about non-sport recreational activities
Books Information about books, including reviews, reading lists and sales charts
Crafts Content about art projects, do-it-yourself, knitting, macrome, etc.
Games & Puzzles Online games and puzzles
Outdoors Content about outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing and camping
News News content, current events not related to other categories, like sports, with their own news topics
Politics Content around US politics, including policy content and punditry
Weather Weather forecasts and reports
Global News Content around world news, including breaking events and punditry
Science Content about science, with a more scholastic focus than the Computers & Technology category
Math Content for math teachers and students, including lessons, tests and reference guides
Physics Content around physics, including classroom material for both teachers and students, as well as discussion forums and news
Shopping Content for those shopping for products, either ratings, reviews, recommendations or merchants
Apparel Content around shopping for clothing apparel, including ratings, reviews, recommendations and merchant sites
Discount & Outlet Stores Discount and outlet merchant sites, including both brick and mortar and online retailers
Toys Content around toy shopping, including ratings, reviews, recommendations and merchant sites
Sports Content about competitive sports
College Sports Content about sports at the college or university level, including news and commentary
Extreme Sports Content about extreme sports, such as ultimate fighting, mountain climbing, bmx biking, snowboarding
Fantasy Sports Content about fantasy sports, including fantasy sports leagues, news and advice
Professional Sports Content about professional sports, such, and
Sports News News and commentary about competitive sports
Travel Content related to travel
Hotels & Transportation Content about hotels and transportation, including reviews and booking services
Tourist Destinations Content about specific destinations or kinds of destinations
Travel Guides & Travelogues Travelling guides and traveller’s stories, including reviews and stories of personal experiences. Does not include booking or services
Video Games Video games and content about video games
Casual Games and content for casual gaming, defined as games that can be played for a few minutes
Hardcore Games and content for hardcore gamers, defined by intricacy and depth
Virtual Worlds Games and content where the player builds or behaves in a virtual world with other players