Advertise Benefits of Audience Segments

Capture highly customized customer engagement and purchase-specific behaviors through Audience Segments! 

Create Audience Segments by setting up rules using URL variables, metadata, or elements conditions.  When a condition is met, we capture the Audience allowing you to segment, target, and gain actionable insights to drive customers from the first site visit to purchase.

Key Benefits 

  • Self-service –  UI with managed service support
  • Transparency – review, configure, edit and publish  your rules
  • Automatic-  Use the Wizard to identify the metadata you want to capture and we will auto create your rule


Customer Segmentation.Align your media strategy, creative, and campaign goals with specific Audiences.  Segment customers based on product category, purchase phase, or lifetime customer value.

Path to Purchase Targeting. Drive incremental sales by targeting lapsed and new customers, differentiating customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, or customer who have never been to your website.

Comparative Insights. Landers, website engagers, and purchasers may all look different. See what makes your converting audience unique compared to “bounced users” or “window shoppers”.

To get started, check out our user guide for the step by step process to configure rules.