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We collect directly measured data from the millions of web destinations and mobile apps controlled by Quantified publishers. All the data we collect is anonymous and contains no personally identifiable information (PII).

As a Quantified site, you have complete control over which data is public, and which is kept private. Data visibility can be configured in the Home section by clicking “Edit settings” and selecting options in the “Public Access” section.

Access to data is on a site-by-site basis (also set in the ‘Home’ tab, select ‘Sites’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘User Privileges’). Please note that access can only be granted to individuals with a registered Quantcast account, available for free at

Affinity is best described as the tendency or likelihood of a user to perform a certain action. In this instance, Quantcast views a particular site’s entire audience, and gauges how likely they are to visit another specific site. The number is a representation of this group’s tendency to visit that other site compared to the rest of the Internet.

For example:Site A has a 14.0x affinity to site B

This means that a visitor from Site A is 14 times more likely to also visit site B, in comparison to the average Internet user.

Quantcast uses an inference model to characterize audiences of nearly any size. Quantcast has NOT built its model on PII (personally identifiable information), but instead uses a large-scale mathematical model to infer demographics of visitors.

The inference approach is built on a foundation of direct measurement, using numerous data inputs that provide insight into demographic benchmarks. These benchmarks are the foundation for rich content segments used across millions of digital media assets.