FOR PUBLISHERSYou keep creating content. Let us handle consent.

Publishers have many things to protect - their customers’ data, access to information and their business. Quantcast Choice makes GDPR compliance possible, but makes it easier to manage the flow of consumer consent across your digital ecosystem.

FOR ADVERTISERSUninterrupted business is the goal.

Brands, agencies and exchanges have a role to play in the post-GDPR ecosystem. Find out how the IAB framework, and Quantcast Choice, helps protect the value in the digital content and ads ecosystem.

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The DrumOver 90% of users consent to GDPR requests says Quantcast after enabling 1bn of them

Exchange WireQuantcast Launches New Platform; Privacy & Consent Functionalities at Tealium

GDPR consent capture
GDPR consent by purpose
GDPR consent by company
GDPR data access rights

Consent capture

A clean, easy-to-understand and customizable user experience for capturing user consent preferences. Quantcast Choice is easy for website owners to install and customize the user interface and language used to conform to their interpretation of existing privacy regulations.

Consent by purpose

The consent capture experience allows websites to set their preference on how to ask consumers for consent. Quantcast Choice supports the IAB Framework options to ask for consent on a global (all purposes) or per purpose level, such as analytics, targeted advertising, or content personalization.

Consent by company

For full transparency, Quantcast Choice enables consumers to review at a company level to see all of the vendors asking for the right to to collect information and track them.

Data access rights

A centrally maintained portal for users to access company privacy policies and forms to request access to or deletion of their data per GDPR requirements.