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Find out how Quantcast’s GDPR consumer consent solution hit critical mass within two months of launch.

BlogThe Universal Language of Consent

Head of Product Management, Somer Simpson, discusses how the IAB Framework can help advertisers, publishers, and consumers get on the same page for GDPR with a universal language of consent.

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Google has had some controversial stances to GDPR. Publishers are left wondering the best path forward. Below are questions that can help guide the dialogue

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Head of Product Management, Somer Simpson, takes on the the topic of what a GDPR expert is, how to deal with conflicting opinions, and best practices when shopping for one.

BlogQuantcast Choice: Your Solution for GDPR Consent

Quantcast’s free, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, GDPR consent management platform is now available for publishers and advertisers. Learn how to get started collecting and managing consent.

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Head of Product Management, Somer Simpson, explains how not all data collection is created equal and the impact on your business post-GDPR

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Somer Simpson, discusses the impact GDPR will have on publishers and what steps they can take to prepare.

BlogJust Getting Started In GDPR? Don’t Worry It’s Not Too Late

With GDPR rapidly approaching on May 25th, Quantcast’s Global Head of Corporate Marketing Cathy Novelli sits down with eMarketer to discuss some key points on GDPR.

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Understand the consumer path-to-consent under GDPR and explore compliance best practices and solutions.

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An informative session simplifying GDPR transparency and consent regulations.

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A comprehensive FAQ sheet and helpful GDPR resource links.

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