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Valuable audience data is everywhere. Now anyone can harness it for insights and advertising with scale and accuracy. Quantcast has gathered shopping, ownership, lifestyle and interest data from leaders such as Oracle Datalogix, Mastercard and TiVo Research and combined it with live consumer behavior in the Quantcast Audience Grid. Quantcast Audience Grid helps every publisher, data provider and advertiser get more value from audience data for insights and targeting. With Audience Grid:

With Audience Grid:

  • Owners of valuable data can promote, distribute and monetize their data across millions of publisher destinations and advertisers who use Quantcast Measure and Advertise.
  • Publishers can gain new insight into the valuable audiences that frequent their sites and apps, free.
  • Advertisers can target audiences from the industry’s leading data owners with far greater reach and accuracy than previously possible.

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Live consumer behaviors power greater reach and accuracy

Like the charge on your smartphone, audience segments quickly lose reach as they age. The secret to maintaining a segment’s reach is to refresh it continuously with live consumer behavior. Quantcast Audience Grid does exactly this, opening the technology that powers Quantcast’s superior performance in demographic targeting (see Nielsen validated study) to the industry’s leading data owners. The result is better audience data for everyone.

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Representative seed data, such as The Walking Dead viewers from TiVo Research, is plugged into the Audience Grid

What’s unique:

We start with raw data that represents the audience best rather than data that’s been previously modeled online with unknown accuracy.


Quantcast combines the seed data with a live view of consumer behaviors, creating a larger audience segment for targeting and insights

What’s unique:

Our uniquely expansive view of online consumer behavior, where we see the average online user every few minutes, gives us the most effective way to identify more consumers within the target segment. Why is it effective? The media we read, the time of day we read it, where and how we read it, are the best indicators of who we are and what we like

Cross-Device Mapping

The audience segment is mapped across Web, mobile Web and mobile apps

What’s unique:

Quantcast’s visibility across the connected universe allows for more accurate matching across devices.

Continuous Modeling

This process is repeated continuously. Living models, built on live data, ensure segment freshness, scale and accuracy.

What’s unique:

Unlike other approaches that create static audience segments, Quantcast’s Audience Grid continuously maintains audience segments based on live consumer behavior.

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Leading data owners such as Oracle Datalogix, TiVo Research, Mastercard and many more have plugged into the Quantcast Audience Grid. Choose a data partner below to learn more.