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100 million+ web destinations use Quantcast today. The resulting scale of our data, depth of our processing and breadth of our technology challenge and reward us every single day. As one of the top five data processors in the world, our data set and proprietary real-time infrastructure offer an exceptional proving ground for solving some of the biggest and most complex problems in computer science, R&D, large-scale processing and more.

Our numbers tell part of the story — our people tell the rest. We're looking for razor-sharp hardworking engineers to help us build, solve and innovate. If this gets you excited, we hope you'll continue to explore here, and reach out to us.


Unique web-wide visibility and understanding of digital audiences, generating and visualizing computationally complex statistics across hundreds of millions of dimensions daily
100 million+
web destinations

Currently, we process up to

30 petabytes of data
per day

Our data-processing infrastructure out-Hadoops Hadoop, handling

Tens of billions
of new data points every day

Our global data centers handle

1,000,000 transactions
per second

That means in addition to our extraordinary accuracy and extraordinary capacity, we're extraordinarily fast.

PhDs, statisticians & mathematicians

working on statistical inference, machine learning and bleeding-edge technologies to understand audiences and determine the expected value of each impression to each advertiser, in real-time.

Our current openings


Quantcast's core competencies lie in large-scale, real-time data processing and analysis. Big data, predictive modeling, interesting data sets, insightful analysis and uniquely powerful tools are at the center of what we do, which makes working on any of the engineering teams a challenging yet cool and exciting experience. You'll learn a ton from our sharp, collegial team — we pride ourselves on pushing quality code quickly within a nimble, agile environment. And since we’re a small company, our engineers get more end-to-end responsibility, and have bigger, individual impact.