Want more proof?

Audience building made easyName your objective. Tell us about your customer. We’ll do the rest.

You share attributes of your ideal audience.

(e.g., women 18-34 who love shopping, traveling and wine)

We build a custom model based on their web browsing, pre-search, demographic, intent, interest, and past purchase behaviors.

(e.g., women 18-34 + Luxury resorts, chef's tasting menu, personal shopper)

We find audiences who fit the profile—at massive scale—then deliver your brand to them at the perfect time.

The best brand experience

Impactful Formats:

Deliver engaging ads to audiences in impactful formats, with guaranteed viewability. Surpass goals and make a difference.


It’s crucial to be in the right places, so we added a whitelist of premium inventory for all campaigns, as well as vertical-specific whitelists for deep contextual relevance.

Brand Safety:

Leverage a worldwide view of real-time behavior and superior AI to offer high-performing best practices—from constantly optimized blacklists to whitelists to a team of engineers & data scientists who work solely on inventory quality—Quantcast strives to be a brand safety industry leader.

Quality Verification:

We partner with third-party verification vendors to validate that you only purchase high-quality inventory.