Quantcast Partners

Last Updated: November 9, 2018

We partner with other companies to help us provide and improve our services. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to share information that could be considered to be personal information about you with these partners. (Remember that we don’t share directly identifiable information about consumers, such as your name or address, because we don’t even collect that type of information, as discussed in our Privacy Policy). Below are the categories of the Quantcast partners with whom we share personal information, with explanations of the services provided by these partners, and the types of information we share with them. We try to keep this list of partners up to date, so from time to time this list will be updated. This list identifies partners in each category with whom we share information about European consumers, along with links to their privacy policies so that you can learn more about their data collection and usage practices.

Next to the partner names, you will see whether the partner is a “controller” or “processor” of the personal information we share with them. In short, under European privacy law, the controller is the party who determines the “why” and “how” of the processing of personal data. The controller controls and is responsible for this data. On the other hand, a processor merely holds or processes the personal data on the instructions of the controller. The processor does not exercise responsibility for or control over the personal data. We do not jointly control the personal information collected via our services with our partners.

We are continually improving our services and our partners will change over time. We will update this page to reflect those changes. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information about Quantcast’s data practices.

Ad Serving

The companies in this category serve digital advertisements on various digital platforms such as the web, social media, or mobile apps, and issue reports on the performance of advertising campaigns (e.g., the number of users who saw a particular ad, the particular ad type that was served, etc.). We need to use these vendors to deliver and track the advertising campaigns that we serve, and we share online identifiers (e.g., an auction ID) in order to effectively use their services.

Ad Verification

These companies provide a technology to ensure that digital advertisements appear on intended sites and reach the targeted audience; examples include measuring the viewability of an ad, brand safety and fraud (i.e., whether a site is safe for the particular advertiser’s brand or whether it is fraudulent site). We use these vendors in order to better meet the requirements of our clients and deliver more effective advertising. These companies receive online identifiers (e.g., user IP addresses and auction IDs).

Data Management Platforms and Data Providers

These companies either directly license first and third party digital audience segment data from different sources (such as online, offline and mobile) to businesses or provide a platform through which Quantcast clients can collect, organize and activate such data for Quantcast’s use in connection with its advertising or analytics services. We share online identifiers (e.g., cookie IDs) with them in order to sync identifiers to effectively integrate with their services.


These are companies who provide cloud-based hosting, storage and processing infrastructure and services to enable Quantcast to provide its services to clients. Quantcast may store any of the data that it collects on its own servers or through these infrastructure partners.

Marketing and Customer Research

Quantcast works with companies to collect and analyze online behavior about Quantcast products for market research, customer satisfaction, website feedback and concept testing. To do so, Quantcast includes the tag of these companies on its webpages or other digital applications. By virtue of their tag on the Quantcast site or code in a Quantcast SDK, these vendors collect online identifiers (e.g., cookie identifiers, IP address and device identifiers). Please see their privacy policies for more information about the data they collect via their tags or SDKs.

Real-Time Bidding Exchanges

These companies provide a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions. Quantcast participates as a buyer on these platforms in order to deliver an ad to an end user on a webpage or app. We share online identifiers (e.g., cookie ID) with them in order to sync identifiers to effectively integrate with their services.