AdChoices Guide for Marketers and Agencies


Quantcast enables our advertising partners to feature the AdChoices icon in display advertisements at no charge. You can opt to use the icon as part of your realtime Quantcast Advertise campaigns. Consumers who click on the AdChoices icon go to a page where they can learn more about online advertising and the ad they’ve just seen. Additionally, this page provides a link to a page where consumers can control the kinds of interest-based ads they see in the future.


This option enables you to participate in ad industry self-regulation by providing consumers with choices and control. AdChoices can promote user confidence, and demonstrate the industry’s commitment to consumer transparency and choice. To date, more than a trillion ads have been served in connection with this program.

Using the AdChoices Icon

Implementation is easy. To use the AdChoices icon in your display ads, just contact your Quantcast account representative.

About the AdChoices program

Learn more about Quantcast and consumer choice