Want to learn more about Quantcast’s industry standard consent solution for GDPR?

Quantcast will be offering a consent management solution that follows the industry standard framework supported by the IAB Europe, free of charge beginning in early 2018. We are currently testing the solution framework and will begin making the solution available to publishers and helping with integration in March 2018. If you’d like an introduction to the consent solution or want to participate in the Beta program, please let us know.

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IAB Europe announced a new technical standard to support the digital advertising ecosystem in meeting GDPR consumer consent requirements. The announcement was made on Nov. 28th at the EDAA Summit 2017 in London.

This solution is designed to enable websites, advertisers and their ad technology partners to obtain, record and update consumers’ consent for their personal data to be processed in line with the GDPR. The solution enables transmission of user consent choices to the advertising ecosystem, increasing accountability through consent audit trails.

GDPR for Advertisers

It is very clear is that advertisers, and advertising technology companies all need to pay attention and think about what compliance looks like for their companies. All will need to ensure that they have a legal basis for collection and using personal data for operating their businesses, whether that is to provide targeted digital advertising or other services they may offer that rely on personal data.

One Solution. Global Consent.

The solution architecture allows for consent to be captured for advertising companies for a user in one place and have that consent signal be applicable wherever the user goes across the web. Once a user has consented to an advertiser using their personal data, it is applicable wherever they go across the web.

Consent signals transmission.

The industry standard-based consent management solution enables the transmission of user consent choices to third party advertising partners, leveraging existing means of communication used today within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Growing Brand Trust

The standard increases accountability in the advertising ecosystem by enabling the creation of consent records and an audit trail. Having this transparency will improve consumer trust, benefiting the brands leveraging the industry solution.

GDPR Consent For Publishers

Publishers are on the GDPR front lines.

Consumers come to websites to access content. In order to set cookies, and allow marketing partners to set cookies to enable targeted content, advertising and analytics, consent will need to be obtained from the consumer.

The entire advertising ecosystem on which our industry relies will be relying on the publisher’s relationship with the individual consumer for consent. Quantcast is leading the way in supporting publishers in managing this complicated effort.

GDPR Consent
GDPR Purpose
GDPR Companies
GDPR Companies

Consent Capture

A clean, easy-to-understand and customizable user experience for capturing user consent preferences. Easy to install and configure.

Consent by Purpose

Consent capture experience allows users to set their preferences on a global or per purpose level, such as analytics, targeted advertising or content personalization.

Consent by Company

If interested, users can go to a company level to see info and tracking purposes for all the companies that are asking to track them.

Data Access Rights

A centrally maintained portal for users to access company privacy policies and forms to request access to or deletion of their data per GDPR requirements.