Quantcast Choice & Choice Premium Simplify Your User Consent Experience

Adopted CMP on the IAB Framework.

10 Billion+
Consumer consent signals, across 25k+ unique domains.

Average consumer consent rate.

Efficiently manage your users' consent

A one-stop-shop to manage your consent strategy, enabling continued global publishing and relevant advertising.

Quantcast Choice privacy CMP demo laptop

Compliant business is the goal

A clean, easy-to-understand and customisable user experience.
Quantcast Choice privacy CMP demo laptop

For Publishers You keep creating great content - we'll handle consent.

We take the complexity off your hands, enabling data consent across your digital ecosystem & efficiently managing the flow of consumer consent.

For Advertisers Compliant business is the goal.

We aim to minimise impact from data privacy regulations to the purchase funnel.

Key free features

Built with Privacy in Mind

Quantcast Choice was built based on a deep understanding of current data privacy laws.

Out-of-the-Box Google Solution

Quantcast Choice features Google support by default. Provide user consent to Google with zero headaches.

Customized Look & Feel

Quantcast Choice allows you to customise the look and feel of your CMP. Unique sites get a unique experience that fits your audience.

Registered with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework

We're the #1 adopted CMP on the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

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“Quantcast Choice Premium gives us the ability to manage both IAB and non-IAB vendors in a dynamic way and helps our teams easily understand user consent across all our web properties.”

Why Go Premium?

Central Portal

The centralised management portal provides a one-stop-shop housing all implementation, vendor management & customisation options and features.

Universal Tag

Through a singular Universal Tag, implement, customise & update your CMP across all domains and subdomains with one click.

Dedicated Support

Our Customer Success team is focused on helping customers protect both their audience and revenue.

Manage IAB Global and Non‑IAB Vendors

Understand and manage which vendors your site passes consent to through the Central Portal.

Unlimited Sites & Themes

Deploy one universal tag across as many sites as you need through the Central Portal. Customise themes per property to create a truly tailored experience.


Choose the best solution for your business.


Choice Premium

View Choice Premium ▸
View Choice ▸
IAB Compliant Yes Yes
Language Settings Manual Auto-Detect
User View 2 User Display Options 2 User Display Options
Themes 1 Theme, 1 Site Unlimited Themes & Copy Customisation
Version Control CMP Pinning via Re-Deployed Tag CMP Pinning via Universal Tag
Consent Scope Self-Configure Global or Service (2 Levels) Auto-Configure Global, Global Group, Service or Service Group (4 Levels)
Google Support Yes Yes
Vendor Support Self-Configure of IAB Global Vendors Auto-Configure IAB Global & Non-IAB Vendors via Central Portal
Audit Logs Upon Request On-Demand via Central Portal
Reporting Daily CMP Metrics
Central Portal Yes
Universal Tag Yes
Support Dedicated Support
Site Scanning Coming Soon: Tag Scanning Powered by The Media Trust
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Get Choice Premium

Choice Premium gives site owners the ability to:

  • Control content & theme customisation from a central portal
  • View consent stats and download audit logs
  • Manage IAB and Non-IAB vendors from the dashboard
  • Access dedicated support from Quantcast
  • And more...
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