The Land of Nod, a high-quality baby and kids furnishings retailer, knew that reaching expecting mothers at the critical moment, when they are decorating their first nurseries, is the key to turning them into lifetime customers. However, actually identifying these expecting mothers can be difficult—a challenge The Land of Nod had been having a hard time overcoming with other marketing tactics, like search retargeting.

There was absolutely no guesswork involved when working with Quantcast. Its Search Powered Audiences solution perfectly identified and targeted those who not only were in-market but were most likely to purchase nursery items, and brought them to our site. It’s a no-brainer, we will be expanding this solution to other product lines.”

Ashley Jones, Campaign Manager, The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod was excited to try Quantcast’s Search Powered Audiences solution to target expecting mothers as they are first forming opinions about the best company to fulfill their nursery needs.

  • Search Powered Audiences: Understanding the behavior patterns and search intent signals of expecting mothers searching nursery and maternity-related keywords, Quantcast found many more similar expecting couples.
  • Creative Messaging: Quantcast tailored ads to each of the different audience profiles to better connect and influence specific shoppers.


  • 10X average ad engagement
  • 99% incremental reach, delivering a vastly new audience
  • 2X ROAS goal