• 198% Lift in Brand Awareness
  • 60% New Customers
  • 12% increase in year-over-year market share (Source: Moat)
  • 22% increase in sales
  • 5% increase in average order value
  • Exceeded Viewability goal by 5%


HomeServe, an emergency home repair plan provider, was looking for a long-term partner to help drive and track brand awareness while supporting ongoing direct response efforts with key home insurance-seeking audiences.

As an organization steeped in highly quantifiable direct response marketing, it took a leap of faith to invest in a branding effort. We’re glad we did. In addition to the many positive impacts the campaign afforded us supporting awareness, we materially enhanced our retargeting pool, exposed ourselves to new customers, increased our average transaction value, and grew sales. The campaign raised the tide for all of our online marketing.”

Phil Sandler, SVP – Digital Marketing, HomeServe


Quantcast Brand Audiences allowed HomeServe to pinpoint customers searching for things like “home owners insurance” and “water heater repair”. From here we identified behaviors and interests of competitive shoppers pre-campaign, curated the audience they sought to target, and tapped into the live nature of Quantcast data with high impact video assets.

Coupled with Quantcast’s Audience Validation, post-campaign insights confirmed that HomeServe effectively reached their multi-faceted audience at scale.

We have identified four key customer profiles through our direct mail efforts but have struggled to translate this to digital. Quantcast Audience Validation allows us to take what we know about our offline customers, isolate behavioral attributes that are different, and reach more people like this.”

Nancy Cambareri, Senior Marketing Manager, HomeServe


Quantcast successfully grew HomeServe across all major brand metrics, seeing 198% lift in brand awareness (Nielsen DBE) and a 12% increase in YOY market share (Moat).

Additionally, the company wanted to quantify the performance impact of their significant brand investment. To this end, Quantcast analyzed cookies exposed to both brand targeting (video) and direct response (display).

Analyzing the two cohorts holistically, HomeServe found that cookies exposed to both brand and direct response targeting saw a 514% increase in net new site visitation, growing HomeServe’s qualified retargeting pool. This ultimately drove a 60% increase in new customers, a 22% increase in sales, and a 5% increase in average order value.

Post-campaign Audience Validation showed that HomeServe reached:

  • College-educated homeowners 45 & over
  • Buyers of practical, quality, reliable and durable vehicles
  • Financially savvy business leaders seeking insurance to protect their home investment
  • Workers in construction, engineering and business leadership
  • Individuals interested in real estate listings and home & garden
  • Visitors of,, and