Introducing Q

Harness the power of the real-time pulse of the Internet. Q is the world’s largest AI-driven audience behaviour platform for the open Internet.

For Publishers & Site OwnersGet a deeper view of your audience.

Quantcast Measure:

Our free solution to help you get a better understanding of your audience that's accurate, granular and real-time.

For Marketers, Agencies & ConsultanciesGrowth comes from new customers.

Powered by Q, the Quantcast Intelligence Cloud's 1st party behaviour graph, targeting and measurement solutions are designed to help you understand, influence, convert and measure the consumer journey to discover new customers, drive incremental growth and deliver business outcomes.


Audience Insights and Planning.


Audience Prospecting with AI-driven awareness, interest and discovery.


Audience Precision Targeting to drive predictive outcomes and incremental sales at scale.


Audience Validation, Campaign Reporting and more.

Harness the real-time pulse of the open Internet

Since 2006, we’ve been building Q - the world’s largest AI-driven audience behaviour platform for the open Internet that today directly quantifies over 100 million mobile and web destinations. Comprised of Internet-scale 1st party data, self-adapting predictive models and integrated AI optimization, Q’s collection of machine learning technologies continually interprets the consumer behaviour graph giving brands a real-time pulse of the Internet.

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