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Empowering Advertisers

Say goodbye to stale data and hello to real‑time data.
Stay on the pulse of ever‑changing consumer behavior.
Plan, activate, and measure in just a few steps.
Bring your advertising to life with ease and precision in a single platform.
Leverage the power
of AI to deliver performance at scale.
Beat your marketing KPIs at scale to drive growth.
Get interactive granular insights in seconds, not hours.
Experiment as fast as you can think to get smarter.

How the Quantcast Platform makes it possible

Ara®, our AI and machine learning engine

Ara, our AI and machine learning engine, operates on live data to learn real‑time audience behavior patterns. Ara pairs these patterns with real-time campaign monitoring to surface actionable insights and optimize towards the best outcome for every single ad.

Unique, real-time data

Tap into real-time data from 100 million diverse online destinations. Augment this data set with first‑party data from your marketing systems instead of relying on third‑party data that may be outdated and irrelevant.

Privacy and identity management

Consumer privacy, transparency, and trust are built into the very foundation of our platform.

An Easy and Effective Unified Platform

Craft rich audience stories

Get real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, and more, in a matter of seconds. Size the potential reach for multiple audiences simultaneously.

Reach high-value customers with precision, at scale

Surgically reach audiences at every stage of the funnel. Spend less time on tactics, and more time on strategy.

Get the full picture of the audience journey

Build custom reports to make data-backed decisions using highly intuitive and interactive insights.

Experiment easily and limitlessly

Test new audiences, creatives, messaging, and other campaign strategies. Create an ongoing feedback loop to drive marketing innovation.

See how it works We are taking an entirely new approach to advertising on the open internet.

The proof is in our happy customers

“We needed cutting-edge technology capable of delivering valuable insights into the audience, ease of use, and performance–an advanced solution that would support our in-house programmatic team with important returns on the company business. Quantcast Platform and the consultancy of the American company proved to be the ally we were looking for, our strength in digital advertising.”
Digital Marketing Manager
“The platform is very easy to navigate, from uploading creatives to setting up the campaign is very quick. Additionally with just basic training, I believe that it very easy to navigate through the platform. The interface feels native to the user.”
Senior Programmatic Trader
“Other platforms build a UX without the end user in mind. Your platform is simple and intuitive without compromising functionality.”
Senior Manager, Marketing Science
“We love the new start page! Very easy to navigate and find campaigns. It’s faster and user-friendly — allowing us to get campaigns launched during the busy work day.”
Lead Media Strategist
Firehouse Agency
“In other DSPs, I make manual optimizations, which is a little archaic. It is a longer process since I need to make all the changes. The automation in Q for Marketers gives me more opportunities to delve into the insights and spend more time sharing learnings with the client.”
Channel Manager, Digital
“Setup and reporting was straightforward, meaning I could quickly send useful updates to the client.”
Account Manager
“10/10 easy. Only required the single session to run through with the guys, then we’ve been able to do everything from our side. Very intuitive, very simple.”
Senior Account Executive
“After a month, we were already able to pick up some new demographic insights on our audiences from Audience Planner–things that we or the client hadn’t seen in the past. We are already discussing our strategic plans with the client to implement more QFM SOV and benefit from these insights when working with other partners (e.g., Tripadvisor). Therefore, a lot of these insights can be transferred holistically across our media.”
Account Manager
“Super quick. Really easy to use compared to the PPC background I’m from.”
Team Lead, Paid Search
Forward PMX
“The reporting was very straightforward, much simpler than waiting for all partners to send reports, and I did not encounter any stumbling blocks across the platform.”
Account Manager

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