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Quantcast 2022 Digital Ad Awards

Check out the annual Quantcast Digital Advertising Awards, where we recognize our global customers incredible advertisements that follow IAB LEAN, and rich media ad campaigns. These ads demonstrate creativity, technical excellence, and engaging designs.

All of the nominees were designed by our Creative Services team or run on the Quantcast Platform. If you need help managing your advertising campaigns or creating breathtaking ads, we’re here to help.

Display Ad Category Brand Awareness

Ad Category Best Brand Awareness Ad

These ads built familiarity through distinctive messaging, establishing strong brand recall with their specific audiences.

Digital Display Ad Category - Rich Media

Ad Category Best Rich Media Ad

These ads effectively communicated complex messages and incorporated the use of interactive and immersive advanced features like video expanding units. They created truly unique user engagement experiences, going beyond the bounds of standard display ads.

Digital Display Ad Category Story Telling

Ad Category Best Storytelling Ad

These brands solved their storytelling challenge as if it was an art form. They walked their audience through carefully constructed narratives that aimed to humanize their brand and emotionally connect with the audience.

Digital Display Ad Category - Most Compelling

Ad Category Most Compelling Ad

These ads drove substantial engagement, while achieving lasting brand recognition.