Quantcast Digital Ads Awards

We’ve created our own mini-awards competition for the best digital ads, following IAB’s LEAN criteria: Light, Encrypted, Ad-Choice Supported, Non-Invasive ads. You may be surprised by how much content can be in a LEAN ad.

All of the nominees were designed and run on behalf of our clients by our managed service organization. If you need help managing your advertising campaigns, click here to learn about our different service options to fit your needs.

Please scroll down to find out the winners of each of the three categories: Best Brand Awareness Ad, Most Compelling Ad, and Best Storytelling Ad.

Best Brand Awareness Ad

These ads built familiarity through distinctive messaging, establishing strong brand recall with their specific audiences.

Most Compelling Ad

These ads drove substantial engagement, while achieving lasting brand recognition.

Best Storytelling Ad

These brands solved their storytelling challenge as if it was an art form. They walked their audience through carefully constructed narratives that aimed to humanize their brand and emotionally connect with the audience.