Quantcast Measure unlocks the power of your audience Audience insights that help you tell better stories

Quantcast Measure, an audience intelligence solution deployed across 100M+ web and mobile destinations

Understand who
your audience is
Gain real-time insight and research into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your audience.
See what your
audience is doing
Learn how unique audiences engage with your website content.
Utilize to drive
better strategy
Leverage your unique audience insights to fuel more relevant messaging, ad campaigns and content.

The magic of Measure insights

Direct measurement delivers nuanced, real-time insights for your digital properties

Direct measurement matters

  • Many audience measurement tools, such as Nielsen ratings, rely on panel-based data collection, which can deliver insights months after the fact.

  • Direct measurement delivers real-time insights within minutes.

  • Understanding your audiences as they visit your site has never been easier.

Nuanced insights at your fingertips


Learn what your audience buys, what brands they prefer, what cars they drive, what media they consume outside of your site, and other consumption analytics.


Implemented across 100M+ web destinations, we see users multiple times a day. The sheer scale of this data set allows us to draw accurate audience profiles across age, gender, family, location, income, education and occupation.


See the composition of engaged users over the last 30 days to understand your audience composition between passers-by, regulars, and fanatics.


Understand your total reach by looking at unduplicated traffic metrics across your web properties. View your audience by platform (web and mobile web), country, time period, and more.

“Insights we derive from Quantcast Measure help us tell more successful and specific stories.”
Darris Lee
Research Data Standards
“Our listeners engage with us through a number of different channels both online and offline. We are thrilled to be able to upload custom, on and offline audiences, through the Quantcast platform – a single tool to import all audiences and profile digital and OTA audiences.”
Dan McKinney
Vice President, Data & Analytics
“Through Quantcast insights, Forbes is driving real value and performance in new areas and influencing client’s overall media strategies, ultimately driving new revenue and deeper partnerships for Forbes.”
Alyson Williams
“When we set out to launch two new business lines, Dwell Travel and Dwell Shop, the Quantcast Platform gave my teams the nuanced insights they needed in order to deeply understand our audiences and know what they wanted. The consumer behavior knowledge we get from Quantcast enables us to confidently and successfully embark on new business endeavors.”
Nicole Wolfgram

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