Direct Response Predict your customers’ behaviors. Get there first.

We find patterns in the data to predict who your buyers are and drive them to conversion. Deliver the results you need with efficient & effective predictive actions.

Welcome to more effective advertising

Artificial intelligence drives advertising efficiency. Drive net new conversions, at scale, with fewer wasted dollars.

The Quantcast Behavior Graph

Comprehensive, first party data delivers the real-time pulse of the internet. Don’t rely on data that loses fidelity every time it gets passed between intermediaries. Build your strategy on top of data straight from the source.

Machine Learning

With real-time insight into every possible consumer, our technology understands online behavior, identifies users likely to convert, and predicts their moves to get you there first.

Effective Frequency that Drives Brand Impact

Our best in class prospecting technology brings your target audience to your site and drives them through the customer journey all the way to conversion.

Get great results

Connect with your audience with precision and scale, across the entire internet, with AI-powered solutions that guarantee brand safety and relevance.

Real-time Pulse of the Internet

We are the largest AI-Driven Insights & Measurement Platform powered by direct measurement of 100MM+ mobile & web destinations. We see every US internet user 550x per month and ingest over 130K new media consumption behaviors per second.

Robust Campaign Insights

Go deeper with path-to-conversion insights, customer profile and feature analysis, and attribution to maximize ROI across all of your campaigns.

Quality Assured

Combining proprietary technology and third-party solutions such as Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify, we are constantly improving our methods to deliver campaigns only on brand-safe sites.

Across Devices and Platforms

We optimize advertising campaigns across digital platforms, from display to video to mobile. Wherever your audience is, we ensure you’ll be there too.

“ARB as a brand is very conscious of reaching the right people and bringing quality traffic to their website. The Quantcast traffic showed an uplift in engagement on the website compared to Google Display Ads.”
Andreas Karlsson
Performance Manager
G Squared

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