Brand Advertising Find Your Audience. Make An Impact.

We understand the pulse of your consumer across their digital journey. We know the sites they visit, the keywords they search, and their purchase habits. This enables us to connect you with more of your most relevant audience, before they are in market.

Your data is growing. So should your brand.

Better predict and influence your desired audience, at any point in their consumer journey.

Superior accuracy and scale

In targeting, there’s often a trade-off between accuracy and scale. With greater precision you reach fewer people. Quantcast provides the most accurate targeting with the broadest reach, validated by Nielsen and comScore.

Influence the customer journey

Connect with your most relevant audience, even before they’re in-market. Whether you want to drive awareness with moms on the go or reach millennials booking a weekend getaway, Quantcast ensures effective reach and frequency to influence your desired audience early in their path to purchase.

Effective Frequency that Drives Brand Impact

As a long established brand norm, Quantcast Brand Frequency provides our AI with a critical data point that we know drives key brand metrics. Superior audience targeting paired with the slow and steady drumbeat of ads grows brand perception and loyalty in the mind of consumers.

Audience Validation & Brand Measurement

Make an impact. Measure that impact. Quantcast post-campaign reporting validates that your ads were served to your intended audience. Partnering with leading 3rd party vendors, measure the success of your influence using brand lift, foot traffic, audience validation, or sales lift reports. Learn more.


Validated By
In a recent study, Quantcast outperformed 8 other data competitors in audience accuracy, targeting by 295% on a global scale.