PolicyGenius, an online insurance marketplace, was looking for a better way to evaluate the true performance of their three prospecting partners. Armed with just their ad server reports, they suspected the true prospecting performance of one partner in particular was being obscured by unauthorized and heavy retargeting.

To gain full visibility into display advertising across all partners on the plan, PolicyGenius implemented Quantcast Split Funnel Insights. By simply placing a pixel across all campaign creative, Quantcast can unbiasedly provide insight into first site visit versus conversion event to help marketers differentiate prospecting success from extraneous retargeting.

Quantcast Split Funnel Insights highlighted a fatal flaw in using last touch as a key performance indicator — it encouraged heavy use of retargeting to capture attribution credit. Partner A, their supposed top performer, was seeing 86% of conversions from retargeting, taking credit for conversions that likely would have happened anyway. Partner C, on the other hand, was only seeing 1% of conversions from retargeting, so they were driving true incremental prospecting audiences down the marketing funnel.

Armed with these powerful insights, PolicyGenius was able to make intelligent optimizations to their partner mix, dropping Partner A and reallocating 75% of their total budget to true prospecting Partners B and C. This ultimately reduced their overall CPA by 53%.

  • 53% reduction in CPA
  • 75% reallocation of total budget to highest performing partner