The Anaheim Ducks needed help understanding which ads best influenced sales. Looking for a display partner to drive ticket sales for the 2016/17 season, the team struggled to find a partner that was both integrated with Ticketmaster purchase data and able to keep up with their ambitious game schedule.

Quantcast was carefully selected as one of two partners to partake in a head-to-head preseason test due to our reliable audience targeting and validation solutions, existing partnership with Ticketmaster, and in-house creative team.

Due to the nature of a professional sports team, changes in our line of work happen often. The Quantcast team provided high-quality service throughout the season and demonstrated agility with quick execution of shifts in our campaign.”

G.M. Ciallella, Digital Marketing Manager, Anaheim Ducks


Using Complete Targeting to reach and influence new customers based on the behavioral patterns of current ticket holders, we leveraged our existing partnership with Ticketmaster to combine both online media consumption and purchase data to give the Ducks a bird’s eye view of the customer journey.

Quantcast Audience Insights presented the Ducks with a unique opportunity: To better understand the profile of their current fan base and reach new prospects most likely to purchase tickets above the team’s average order value.


After outperforming in a head-to-test during the preseason, Quantcast was selected as the primary display partner for the 2016/17 season. Quantcast met performance goals under strict multi-channel attribution parameters and exceeded expectations on the service side.

  • 2.7:1 ROAS met performance goals under strict attribution parameters
  • Won a head-to-head test during the preseason
  • Primary display partner for 2016/17 season
  • Exceeded expectations on the service side