As a nationally recognized university in a highly competitive and saturated education space, Raymond A. Mason School of Business wanted to reach prospects actively evaluating business education options. Although it had been skeptical of running a display campaign in the past, after learning about Quantcast’s unique real-time advertising, the school decided to test out the sophisticated targeting methods.

Through a combination of prospecting and retargeting, Quantcast helped us break the record for attendance at our live information session and meet our enrollment goals!”

Dianne Reyes-Brynildsen, Assistant Director of Marketing, Mason School of Business

With Quantcast Complete Targeting, Quantcast targeted consumers across the entire connected universe who exhibited online browsing behavior most similar to that of the school’s existing students. Quantcast’s algorithms dynamically adjusted the levels of prospecting and retargeting to reach these best matches, and drove them to enroll.


  • 60% of information session attendees learned about Mason School of Business through Quantcast served ads. The event holds the record for the highest attended ever!
  • Quantcast conversions accounted for 8% of those who enrolled in the school’s business programs – MBA and Master of Accounting, a considerable achievement given the competitive and shrinking market.