The American Diabetes Association holds a series of fundraising cycling events in 44 states nationwide to benefit their mission: to prevent and cure diabetes, and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The dollars raised for the Tour de Cure go towards research, information programs, advocacy and awareness efforts for the nearly 1/3 of the total U.S. population who are directly impacted by the disease.

Looking to increase the registration volume for the event, the Association decided to test real-time display advertising with several partners, including Quantcast.

Quantcast delivers real value for our organization by driving event registrations at meaningful volumes and delivering exceptional advertising efficiency.”

Jill Ammon, Director, Digital Marketing and eCommerce, American Diabetes Association

With Quantcast Complete Targeting, Quantcast targeted consumers across the entire connected universe who exhibited online browsing behavior most  similar to ADA’s typical donors.  Quantcast’s algorithms dynamically adjusted the levels of prospecting and retargeting to reach these best matches, and drove them to make a donation.


  • Quantcast delivered 58% of overall campaign display conversions with 31% of the total display budget, and 35% of total campaign display impressions.
  • Registrations came in at a CPA 80% below the display campaign goal and 24% below the display campaign average.
  • In addition to driving great performance, the impressions drove overall awareness of the event and the Association.