Quantcast Choice Service Descriptions

Quantcast Choice Basic Services

The basic services for Quantcast Choice enable operators of digital properties to display a user interface to consumers, including selectively by geographic information inferred from a consumer’s Internet Protocol address to (i) provide information to consumers about how their Personal Information is processed in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework; (ii) allow consumers to consent, refuse or withdraw consent and/or object to the processing of their Personal Information in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework; and (iii) allow consumers to opt out of the sale of their Personal Information in accordance with the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework. The Quantcast Choice Basic Services further enable operators of digital properties to store users’ privacy preferences and transmit stored privacy preferences in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework or IAB CCPA Compliance Framework, as applicable.

Quantcast Choice Additional Services

Quantcast has not released any additional services for Quantcast Choice at this time.

Quantcast Choice TCFv2

Choice for Publishers & Advertisers Simplify Consent & Compliance Management

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Quantcast Choice CMP TCF v2.0 consumer interface

Trusted by 25,000+ companies, including

Quantcast Choice CMP Customer BuzzFeed
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Reach
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer The Independent
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Immediate Media
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Euronics
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Peoples Postcode Lotter

Proof of compliance

Ability to access the audit log for implemented CMP

consent rate

On-demand audit log exports within the Central Portal

Domain-level consent metrics to review your consumers’ interactions with the CMP

Privacy preferences

Provides consumer options to exercise consent and legitimate interest preferences at granular levels

30 Billion+
user interactions
Quantcast Choice CMP TCF & privacy preferences increasing

Most familiar and trusted consent management interface

Compliant with IAB TCF v2.0 – and it’s easy to use

Audience insights

As part of Choice’s free offer, everyone has access to Quantcast Measure: insights about your audiences and how they spend time across your properties

Quantcast Measure audience analytics and insights

Real-time measurement of the demographic makeup of your audiences

Unique insight into your audiences’ engagements

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Choice is one of the first TCF v2.0-compliant consent management platforms validated by IAB Europe.

Best Practices for Using Quantcast Choice

During the development of Quantcast Choice, we worked with and took feedback from hundreds of publishers.

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