Tivo Audience Data


TiVo Research, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), is a leading cross media research, measurement and analytics company that provides nationally representative single-source data linked to purchases made at the household level. Advertisers, agencies and television networks utilize the company’s solutions to improve advertising targeting, accountability, and return on media investment. Partnerships with multi-service operators, and proprietary TiVo set-top-box data enables TiVo Research to provide research based on a representative panel of more than 3MM households. The web-based Media TRAnalytics® and TV Health Ratings platforms match the TV and online advertising that households actually receive with the products that the same households actually buy, enabling clients to find “The Right Audience®” while providing an unmatched level of transparency, measurement, media planning/selling, and improved ROI.

How we collect data

TiVo Research aggregates second by second household-level TV tuning data – both live and time-shifted – from multiple sources.  We analyze program and commercial viewing data at a granular level, as well as product placement and other custom ad content – both in-program and on-screen. Digital ad exposure can also be incorporated and analyzed, and partnerships with location tracking companies enable us to analyze the impact of ad exposure on foot traffic. In addition to TV data we also aggregate 2.5+ years of grocery store purchase information from over 40 chains, 20 years of auto ownership records, 3+ years of Rx prescription history, and hundreds of HH-level demographic attributes.

Data categories

TV Viewership:

TiVo Research gathers passive second-by-second set-top-box tuning data from more than 3 million representative U.S. households in a privacy-compliant manner.  Tuning data is aggregated and weighted and provides the base for audience metrics covering programs, networks, dayparts and genres.  Both live viewing and time-shifted viewing are measured and available. Data comes not only from TiVo DVR boxes, but also comes from other cable, telco, satellite, and over-the-air households.   

TV CPG Ratings:

This is a ~800,000-household sample of single source grocery shopping matched to household TV tuning. There are 150+ purchase categories and thousands of brands represented.

TV Auto Ratings:

This ~2,000,000-household sample consists of car registrations appended at a single source household level to TV set top tuning. Every major brand and model is represented. Automotive competitive set purchase targets can be created.

TV Health Ratings:

This single source application is produced in partnership with IMS Health and represents prescriptions filled by ~900,000 patients matched to TiVo set top tuning in IMS’s HIPAA-compliant data environment. Major Pharma brands use this dataset to determine sales lift and ROI of their television investments.

Consumer Voice Survey Module:

This unique application marries attitudinal surveys to 30,000 homes of TiVo set top tuning. Each month Consumer Voice panelists complete questionnaires covering topics such as OTT behavior, device usage and movie attendance. Subscribers can submit their own custom questions.


Though partnerships with companies like Ninth Decimal, TiVo Research can match location visitation frequency data to set-top data.  This allows users to understand the incidence of visitation to retail stores, QSR chains, movies, auto showrooms, etc. and how this place-based information is related to media exposures.