Oracle Data Cloud


The Oracle Data Cloud enables companies to use data to inform audience targeting and measure digital media. We provide Data as a Service to help create connections to customers across spend channels and devices by bringing together the largest array of data assets to help media partners, advertisers and agencies build precision-based data strategies and insights.

Oracle Data Cloud was created in 2014 through the acquisition of BlueKai and was expanded in 2015 through the acquisition of Datalogix. The BlueKai and Datalogix brands live on as products within the Oracle Data Cloud.

How we collect data

Oracle Datalogix audiences are built from known offline purchase data.  Audiences are built from over 110 MM households and $3 Trillion in consumer spending, sourced from 1500+ data partners.  Purchase-level data is collected across CPG, Automotive, Retail & other verticals from offline sources such as loyalty cards or credit cards from top CPG retailers, Polk’s 20 years of DMV registration data and 1500+ leading brands across all retail categories.  Each vertical’s data is collected uniquely from offline sources and brought online through our deterministic 1:1 cookie pool, which ensures that advertisers are reaching their intended audience accurately.  This  data is available through pre-built syndicated audiences, and we also have the ability to build precise custom audiences to meet your exact campaign objectives.

Data categories

DLX Auto powered by Polk
DLX Retail
DLX Lifestyles
DLX Demographics
DLX Finance
VisaVue powered by DLX
DLX Politics
DLX Seasonal
DLX Proximity
DLX Philanthropy
DLX Politics
DLX Subscription Services