MasterCard Advisors


MasterCard audiences, unlike any other online audiences available, are based on aggregate consumer spending behavior within each category, derived from billions of transactions and applied to third-party consumer populations. A proprietary MasterCard methodology identifies audience segments with higher statistical probability to make purchases within the category. You will reach more of the likeliest purchasers, with less waste in your online spend.

The reasons to choose MasterCard audiences for your online buys include:

  • Insight drawn from actual transactions – superior to survey, derived or implied data
  • Timely, relevant data based on current spending patterns
  • Audience profiles informed by activity on more than 2.2 billion payment cards and 43 billion transactions annually
  • Custom audiences available for specific product and service niches

How we collect data

Collect anonymized, aggregated consumer purchase transactions from 2.2 billion cards through our secure network

Data categories