Kantar Shopcom


Kantar Shopcom is the industry’s most accurate, flexible and scalable source of actual purchase behavior data. Shopcom data assets are a blend of CPG, retail and class of trade shopper data covering 90% of all US household spending patterns from 450+ retailers across 680 categories and 18,500 brands. These data are classified from over $1.4 trillion in sales volume.

How we collect data

Kantar Shopcom collects over $1.4 trillion in sales volume sourced from credit card, debit card, POS, and loyalty card transactions.  Over 175MM consumers and 115MM households contribute to Kantar Shopcom’s blend of CPG, retail and class of trade data assets enabling Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies to execute against brand, product and retail audiences.  These data are collected from 450+ retail locations in the United States for the purpose of enabling rich, predictive consumer information that complements site-based ad buys with campaigns that reach specific high value shoppers.

Data categories

Kantar Shopcom collects UPC and SKU level product information that gets assigned to one of 680+ retail categories and 18,500+ brands and 400,000+ products for the purposes of precise addressable advertising.  Examples of our purchase based category audiences include but are not limited to: CPG, Apparel, Arts & Crafts, Auto Aftermarket, Beauty & Personal Hygiene, Books, Magazines, Consumer Electronics, Footwear, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement, Jewelry & Watches, Over-the-Counter, Pharmacy, Sporting Goods & Recreation, Stationary & Office Supplies, and lastly Toys, Games & Hobbies.  Within these categories, Advertisers and Agencies can identify product and brand level audiences.  Custom audiences May be generated based on specific UPC or SKU purchase definitions.