Thrive in a privacy‑first world without third‑party cookies


Our approach to the cookie conundrum

Industry Standards
Quantcast partners with industry organizations to define the standards that guide the future of digital advertising including the board of IAB Europe, Prebid and we are active participants of W3C.
Quantcast will interoperate with emerging solutions and adapt as they evolve including UID 2.0, and we are monitoring the progress on other emerging technologies such as Google’s FLoC.
The Quantcast Platform statistically combines multiple signals and uses Ara, our patented AI and ML engine, to enable data-driven advertising of the cookieless future.

An innovative recipe for success Track ads using signals like first-party cookies, identifiers, context, cohorts
and more even without third-party cookies.

Multi-Signals Multiple signals for a sophisticated, holistic view of the open internet
Understand and reach audiences whether they are logged in or not.
Ara, AI and Machine Learning AI to statistically combine complex, diverse signals
Leverage Ara, our unique AI and ML engine, to execute your marketing strategy with accuracy and scale.

The Quantcast DifferenceConfidently step into the future with a platform built on years of digital advertising experience.

It’s math, not magic

  • Ara™, our unique AI and machine learning engine, makes sense of complex, multiple signal sets to understand behavioral patterns. Our predictive models react to the most recent events across the internet to provide an up-to-second understanding of audience behavior.

  • Ara™ empowers you with consumer behavior patterns and predictions to help you deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising. Learn more here.

Nuanced contextual understanding of the open internet

  • Ara uses natural language processing to create a topic map of the open internet.

  • Better than pre-defined taxonomies as not prone to miscategorization.

  • Nuanced and detailed content classification.

  • Highly specific brand safety measures instead of blanket allow/disallow lists, which are limiting.

Unparalleled first-party view of the open internet

  • Quantcast Measure gives us a unique first-party view of the open internet, with over 100M+ web destinations tagged.

  • Using Quantcast Measure, publisher partners categorize and measure their content contextually, giving strength to Quantcast’s contextual understanding of the open internet.

  • Publishers and marketers can connect directly through the Quantcast Platform, enabling first party contextual and audience segment transactions.
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Explore activation and measurement in cookieless environments


ACTIVATION Activate cookieless inventory on your prospecting campaigns

Access previously inaccessible inventory and future-proof your advertising before the deprecation of third-party cookies.

MEASUREMENT Get insight into campaign performance in cookieless environments

Review impact of cookieless activation with campaign delivery metrics such as spend, impressions, uniques, clicks and conversions for environments.

Solutions available today

Quantcast has innovative solutions for activation and measurement in cookieless environments.

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