Advertise Customer Success Story Zenni Optical strengthens its brand position with eyeglass shoppers

  • 99%
    new audience reached
  • 40%
    Scaled budget by 40% without increasing acquisition costs
  • +14%
    conversion lift when adding Search Powered Audiences to original campaign
“Partnering with our digital agency, Wpromote, to utilize Quantcast’s Search Powered Audiences made it easy to pinpoint the exact potential customers we want to engage with to grow our presence within our market. The flexibility of the solution and its ability to extend our reach and scale across display is truly cutting-edge.”
David Varnai
Director of Performance Marketing
Zenni Optical

The Challenge

In a competitive market with many strong players, Zenni Optical and its agency, Wpromote, knew how important it is to continuously strengthen their brand position and grow their core audience base. Since they have long partnered with Quantcast to drive more conversions on their website, they asked Quantcast to help them build awareness of the quality and affordability of their frames among new prospective eyeglass shoppers further up the funnel.

The Solution

Quantcast used its Search Powered Audiences solution to create a display advertising campaign targeted toward two key audience segments:

  • Segment 1: Eyeglass Shoppers: Quantcast grew interest and put Zenni Optical in the consideration set of people searching for prescription lenses.
  • Segment 2: Competitors’ Customers: Quantcast encouraged people exploring competitors’ eyeglass offerings to consider Zenni Optical instead.

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